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Vajdahunyad Castle Photo Gallery

Budapest Vajdahunyad Castle 2 Budapest Vajdahunyad Castle entrance vajdahunyad castle entrance Vajdahunyad Castle 2 Vajdahunyad Castle 1 Vajdahunyad Castle Budapest night view Vajdahunyad Castle 3
Vajdahunyad Castle (Hungarian: Vajdahunyad vára) is a castle in the City Park of Budapest, Hungary. It was built between 1896 and 1908 as part of the Millennial Exhibition which celebrated the 1000 years of Hungary since the Hungarian Conquest of the Carpathian Basin in 896. The castle was designed by Ignác Alpár to feature copies of several landmark buildings from different parts the Kingdom of Hungary, especially the Hunyad Castle in Transylvania (now in Romania).

As the castle contains parts of buildings from various time periods, it displays different architectural styles: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Originally it was made from cardboard and wood, but it became so popular that it was rebuilt from stone and brick. Today it houses the Agricultural Museum.

The statue of Anonymus is also displayed in the castle court. Anonymus lived in the 12th century (his true identity is unknown, but he was a notary of Béla III of Hungary), who wrote the chronicle Gesta Hungarorum (Deeds of the Hungarians). The castle also contains a statue of Béla Lugosi.

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