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Segovia Cathedral Photo Gallery

Cathedral of Segovia 2 Catedral de Segovia Catedral de Segovia in lights Catedral De Segovia small Segovia Cathedral Cathedral of Segovia
Segovia Cathedral is a Roman Catholic religious building in Segovia, Spain. It is located in the main square of the city, the Plaza Mayor, and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

The Cathedral is in late Gothic style and replaced a building damaged in the Revolt of the Comuneros. It was built between 1525 and 1577 by Trasmeran mason Juan Gil de Honta˝ˇn, and the work was continued by his son Rodrigo Gil de Honta˝ˇn.

The building has a structure in three tall vaults and ambulatory, with fine tracery windows set, and numerous stained glass. The interior is characterized by unity of style (late Gothic), except for the dome, built around 1630 by Pedro de Brizuela. Gothic vaults rise to 33 meters high and measures 50 meters wide and 105 long. The bell tower reaches almost 90 meters. The current stone spire crowning the tower, dating from 1614, was erected after a major fire caused by a thunderstorm. The original spire, entirely Gothic, was built of american mahogany had pyramidal structure, and was the tallest tower in Spain.

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