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Masjid Al Haram Photo Gallery

great mosque mecca Inside Mesjid Haram Makkahi mukarramah Masjid al Haram Mecca at night masjid al haram mosque mecca.jpeg mecca Mecca 1 mecca evening view mecca night view Mecca painting mukkamuck the kaba mecca
Al-Masjid al-Ḥarām is the largest mosque in the world. Located in the city of Makkah, it surrounds the Kaaba, the place which Muslims worldwide turn towards while performing daily prayers and is Islam's holiest place. The mosque is also known as the Grand Mosque.

The current structure covers an area of 356,800 square metres (88.2 acres) including the outdoor and indoor praying spaces and can accommodate up to four million Muslim worshipers during the Hajj period, one of the largest annual gatherings of people in the world.

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