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Galata Tower Photo Gallery

Galata tower Galata Tower in past Galata tower istanbul Galata Tower Top To Bottom istanbul galata tower kulesi Istanbul Galata Tower night view Istanbul Galata Tower night view 1
Galata Tower is a 66.9 metre (219 foot) stone tower in Istanbul, Turkey. The tower offers great panoramic views of the city and is a popular tourist attraction. It has a rich documented history which visitors can find on the inside, there is also a restaurant on top of the tower.

The Galata Tower was built in 1348, it was the tallest structure in Istanbul at that time. It was part of fortifications built by the Republic of Genoa during its expansion. The tower was used for monitoring of ships in the Golden Horn. It continued its operation until 1794 when it was damaged by fire, it was also damaged by a storm years later. The Galata Tower was restored in the 1960s, the restaurant at the top was added during this time.

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