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How to explain a man 5 feet height man weighing 100 pounds, built an elaborate garden using bits of rock, each weighing a ton? Coral Castle, in Homestead, Florida, is a miracle that difficult to explain with common sense. Moreover, the man who built the castle was only has a 4th grade education level.

Is Ed Leedskalnin, a Latvian immigrant, who built a monument called the monument of love lost. Weird! His story is just like a blue romance. Ed began Leedskaini was built a that monument in 1923, after a refusing by his fiancee in Latvia just days before their wedding. And he dedicated his life to finish the monument.

Unfortunately, he died before his love monument completed. However, after he died, in 1951, construction was continued.

Not this romantic tale that makes the experts confused, but they were surprised and amazed because Leedskalnin, build the monument himself. More confused again, because he really only educated up to 4th grade, but strangely, he was able to built that complex of monument. something that really can only be done by building experts. This is really incomprehensible. An engineer calls that even Albert Einstein was not able to understand how to work on this miracle.

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