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Coca Castle Photo Gallery

castillo de coca segovia Castillo de Coca night view 2 Castillo de Coca night view 3 Castillo de Coca 2 castillo de coca bird view Castillo de Coca 1 Castillo de Coca 5 castillo de coca Castillo de Coca 4 Castillo de Coca side view Castillo de Coca night view Castillo de Coca front view
Coca Castle or Castillo de Coca (in spanish) is a fortification of the town of Coca ( Segovia , Castilla y León ), was built in the fifteenth century and is considered one of the best examples of Gothic - Moorish Spanish. property of the House of Alba , transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture of Spain until 2054.

Located on the outskirts of the town, stands on the Meander River Voltoya , one of the few strongholds of Spain that sits on a hill but on some scarps terrain. Surrounding the building a wide, deep moat.

Its construction, attributed to the builders Seville , was performed mainly in the fifteenth century in brick, used not only as a material force, but also as a decorative element, the limestone appears in the loopholes , patio columns weapons and other decorative elements.

His defense system consists of three parts: the pit and two walled with towers. It also has a bridge over the moat defensive, leading to the first walled; behind him, there is a door that leads to Rejada parade.

The lower enclosure is square, and is flanked at the corners by four towers, the largest being the main tower , covered on the inside by a narrow spiral staircase made ​​of brick that enables access to different floors for a chapel, armory and other rooms. The armory has a vault of Gothic ribs decorated with geometric mosaic of various colors. From the top of the tower you can see the castles of Cuéllar and Iscar .

The tower next largest Pedro Mata to keep, probably because beside it protects the gateway to the parade ground. The remaining two are the tower of the Great Wall and the Fish. Within the enclosure are also found other rooms with stucco and mural decoration and a dungeon.

The villa belonged to the Crown of Castile until in 1439 it was ceded to Inigo Lopez de Mendoza , Marquis of Santillana , and later passed into the hands of Alonso de Fonseca , bishop of Ávila and archbishop of Seville , who won in 1453 royal permission to build the castle. He named his successor his nephew Alonso de Fonseca y Acevedo , who had built the castle in 1473 and turned it into a noble residence, where they were held big parties frequented by different personalities, among which the Cardinal Frenchman Jean Jouffroi , who came to Castile to the proposed marriage of Princess Elizabeth (later Queen) with Guyenne Duke of Berry, brother of Louis XI of France . He also visited the castle Beatriz de Bobadilla , Marchioness of Moya .

In 1504 it became the property of Antonio de Fonseca , who expanded the defensive elements of the castle, which later had to defend the unfortunate attack Cenete Marquis , who sought to rescue his fiancee, Maria de Fonseca, who was retained by his uncle . In 1521 he was attacked by the troops commoner in retaliation for the burning of Medina del Campo conducted by Antonio de Fonseca himself, to not get access to the castle, destroyed the nearby fortress of Alaejos .

In the seventeenth century was imprisoned in the castle Gaspar Perez de Guzman , Duke of Medina Sidonia , convicted on charges of proclaimed king of Andalusia . Ownership of the building was of Fonseca to the House of Alba , who in the nineteenth century plundered of its wealth through the sale. In 1931 it was declared a National Historic Landmark , and in 1954 was transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture for 100 years less one day, being restored between 1956 and 1958 to house the Forestry Training School. In 1994 was the scene of one of the chapters of the game show of TVE entitled Night of the castles .


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