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Bolsover Castle Photo Gallery

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Bolsover Castle is a castle in Bolsover, Derbyshire, England (grid reference SK471707). It was founded in the 12th century by the Peverel family, who also held Peveril Castle in Derbyshire, and it came under royal control in 1155. The site is now in the care of English Heritage and is a Grade I listed building and a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

It was built by the Peverel family in the 12th century and became Crown property in 1155 when William Peverel the Younger died. The Ferrers family who were Earls of Derby laid claim to the Peveril property.

When a group of barons led by King Henry II's sons Henry the Young King, Geoffrey Duke of Brittany, and Prince Richard, later Richard the Lionheart revolted against the king's rule, Henry spent 116 on building at the castles of Bolsover and Peveril in Derbyshire. The garrison was also increased to a force led by 20 knights and shared with the castles of Peveril and Nottingham during the revolt. John ascended to the throne in 1199 after his brother Richard's death. William de Ferrers maintained the claim of the Earls of Derby to the Peveril estates. He paid John 2000 marks for the lordship of the Peak, but the Crown retained possession of Bolsover and Peveril Castles. John finally gave them to Ferrers in 1216 to secure his support in the face of country-wide rebellion. However, the castellan Brian de Lisle refused to hand them over. Although Lisle and Ferrers were both John's supporters, John gave Ferrers permission to use force to take the castles. The situation was still chaotic when Henry III became king after his father's death in 1216. Bolsover fell to Ferrers' forces in 1217 after a siege. It was then allowed to deteriorate into a ruin.
The Little Castle at Bolsover

The manor and castle were purchased by Sir George Talbot in 1553. They were sold by Gilbert, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury to Sir Charles Cavendish, son of Bess of Hardwick in 1608. Sir Charles set about re-building the castle, a process which was continued by his son William Cavendish, later 1st Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne. Despite its embattled appearance, it was designed for elegant living rather than for defence. The tower, known today as the 'Little Castle', was completed around 1621.

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