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Barcelona Jewish Quarter Photo Gallery

call de barcelona marlet Jewish Quarter in Barcelona Jewish Quarter in Barcelona 2 Jewish Quarter in Barcelona 3
The Jewish Quarter of Barcelona (Barcelona call in Catalan ) is the current industry Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, which had once been a Jewish quarter . The style of the area today, is very similar to that of many Jewish neighborhoods in Catalonia. Recently it has discovered a synagogue of old, has been restored and opened to the public.

The Jewish community lived in the call to the anti-Jewish revolt of 1391, when it was stormed and its inhabitants were forced to convert. Many were scattered throughout the country, although others were killed.

In times of anti-Israeli protests of 2008 in connection with the Operation Cast Lead , call the synagogue at the Carrer Marlet, 5, was an attack (the second in the Catalan capital) by a militant group of Republican Social Movement , which made ​​some damage, in addition to hitting a member of the Call Association of Barcelona, who was in the building.

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